Interview : Marco Polo



Rien de tel qu’une interview pour bien commencer l’année ! Cette fois-ci, c’est au tour de Marco Bruno ou plus connu sous le nom de Marco Polo, producteur et rappeur canadien de se jeter à l’encre et de prendre le temps de répondre à nos questions. Pour ceux qui ne le connaissent pas encore, sachez que ce bonhomme est une pointure dans le rap underground. Ayant collaboré et travaillé aux côtés de plus grands tels que Talib Kweli, M.O.P., Pharoahe Monch, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane et bien d’autre, il a dernièrement balancé son album intitulé « Port Authority 2: The Director’s Cut » téléchargeable ici. Pour ce qui est de la suite, on vous laisse découvrir par vous même…


CM: Introduce yourself?
MP: Marco Polo, producer, from Toronto Canada, living in Brooklyn New-York. I’ve done two solo producer album « Port authority » and the new one « Port Authority 2 » did collab albums with Torae, one with Rustee Juxx and the latest with Hanibal Staxx.


CM: People consider your music as the renaissance of the authentic boom-bap Brooklyn sound, how do you feel about it?
MP: I take it as a compliment I suppose, sometimes the labels of music are little bit annoying to me, I’d rather see it as music is either good or it’s bad music. I am definitely inspired from that era so that energy is definitely in my music, I was born on the Eastcoast so it makes sense that I have a New-York sound.



CM: We talk about style on the site, are you a particular fan of a style?
MP: My favorite sneaker is a really shitty cheap sneaker that you can only get in europe, it’s called the « Reebok Berlin », it’s like a 30€ sneakers, I have every fucking colors, I love this sneaker, it’s not really a cool trandy shoe by any means, it just works for my style, it’s simple and I’m a simple dude, I like a real clean look. I’m sponsored by Stussy so i rock a lot of Stussy gear, I like their stuff!


CM: Tell us more about your projects?
MP: Well right now I just dropped « Port Authority 2: The Director’s Cut » which is a timeless piece of art! *laugh* It has a lot of various beats, various artist from East and West, it’s a themed album, narrated by movie maker, Michael Rapaport. It has Talib Kweli, DJ Premier, P.O.S. of De La Soul, Alchemist, Inspectah Deck on it and more… I’ve got like three songs I produce on the new Pharoahe Monch album, I got two beats on the new M.O.P. album which is crazy! The new Sean Price album also, I wanna work with some new artists, like Joey Badass, Action Bronson, Freddie Gibbs…


CM: Which french artist would you like to collaborate with and why?
MP: I’m working with european artists, a big rapper from Poland named OSTR, I did a whole album with Bassi Maestro and Gemon we did and EP. In France, I’m going to give you the exclusive news because it’s still fresh, I’m about to collaborate with Deen Burbigo from L’entourage, my brother Max Robin put me on to this guy and linked us up, I checked his stuff, we started building recently and it’s gonna be the first collaboration I’ve done in a long time with a rapper from France, I’m very excited about this!


Un spécial remerciement à Max Robin pour cette interview !