Tyler The Creator x Eric Koston x Spitfire "Goblin" T-Shirt

Tyler, The Creator, Spitfire et Eric Koston ont réalisé t-shirt « Goblin » en édition limitée. Le modèle est disponible dans très peu de shop. Retrouvez la liste dans le site the berrics.

(Plus d’informations dans la suite de l’article…)

« In skateboarding sometimes you have to do things just because they’re fun. The new Spitfire Limited Edition Goblin Tee is just that, 100% for fun. What started as the usual late night texting/instagram battle between Eric Koston and Jim Thiebaud quickly turned serious when Jim saw the picture Daniel Duarte shot of Koston with Tyler’s song lyrics written on the chalkboard, it was fucking great. Next thing you know Jim is talking about wanting to wear the photo, throwing Goblin and the Bighead into the mix, and of course making sure Tyler is cool with it. A few calls later the next morning and Tyler was backing it, so Spitfire decided to make a very, very small one time run exclusively for berrics unified shops. »


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